Ahhh, motherhood – nothing impacts one’s identity so profoundly. Nothing even comes close.

I love being a mum. I love the great little guy that I share with my life with, but for me the transition was not smooth. I struggled with post-natal depression and felt like my identity was ripped from my feet. I was a single parent, and quite emotionally immature, so the learning curve I was on was practically vertical; exhausting and steep.

Things have come a long way since then. My son and I have a great relationship. I now feel the gifts my struggle gave me: compassion, and knowledge of my capacity for unconditional love. I have compassion for parents who are struggling with the enormity of their role – I’ve lost a lot of judgement, and I love nothing more than supporting parents who need a hug and a bit of encouragement.

I also find that the older my son gets, the bigger the rewards become! We’re at a lovely stage in our relationship. My son shares my bookwormish tendencies and my obsessive streak, so we are becoming real companions. The intense ‘looking after’ phase is coming to an end, and a lovely little friend is emerging. I have never enjoyed parenthood so much.

Here, I will make posts about little incidents and accounts of my parenting life – and, of course, I won’t be able to resist posting about all kinds of wonderfully cute things my son does. Mesmerising, huh?