The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami

Posted on Dec 1, 2011 in Books
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami

I picked up The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle after a long reading ‘dry spell’, and it reminded me why I love reading so much.

For me, it was so compelling that I found myself indiscriminately trumpeting all those time-honoured cliches about being unable to put it down.

What can I say? Murakami’s style is so addictive. His modus operandi is to write crystal clear, lucid realism, interfused with magic and the supernatural. The meeting between ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ is so seamless that the bizarre situations his characters find themselves in seem almost credible.

He is a fantastic writer, in short; all of his books hit my happy buttons, but this particular one is the cream of the crop.