Hello everybodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s Ruby.

It is funny that the second word on my introductory page is the word ‘everybody’, grossly misspelled with the multiple use of a lowercase ‘e’. It’s probably quite misleading, really, because it is not normally how I write at all.

I like to write in that quaint longhand known as ‘English’ – you know, that funny old language that appears to be rapidly becoming as archaic as a Shakespearean sonnet, what with all the creative spelling and punctuation that appears to be the flavour of the millenium.

No matter.

Where was I? Oh yes, introducing myself, or blathering on to old friends, perhaps. Or, possibly, I am actually blathering on to myself. Who knows who your audience is online?

I’m making this website because I like to do stuff that is fun and I want to share the fun stuff I do with other net nerds – and who knows? Other people who like doing the stuff I do might find me, and like me, and I may even make friends! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

So, what kind of fun stuff do I do? Well, since you asked (or didn’t, as the case may be), I’ll tell you. I love to cook, because I love to eat. I like adventurous cooking. I like putting myself out of my comfort zone by trying to master cuisines that are totally unfamiliar to me. I find that doing the research and finding top quality recipes yeilds the best results, and I am sharing the cream of the crop with you! Cooking by numbers and cooking up instant food out of jars is dull.

Here are some of the cooking adventures I am on:

  • Blending and cooking with spices;
  • Sourdough bread making;
  • Ferments, pickles and beers;
  • The science of baking;
  • Gourmet raw vegan cuisine.

Watch this space, because there’s likely to be more.

I love reading novels, I love making art and photography, I love community work, and in between all this, I’m hoping to somehow stumble into a wonderful, meaningful career. I’ve also recently discovered a new passion for kirigami (Japanese paper cutting). Watch this space, because I love finding and sharing new hobbies! I hope you enjoy my blog.